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As part of MaerzMusik 2018 the QuerKlang project premieres five group compositions by Berlin school pupils. They investigate sounds, arrange them together into compositions and let other people hear their discoveries. They are accompanied by a team each consisting of a teacher, a composer and an university student. QuerKlang brings together three different working environments, the world of school, of university education and that of musicians and composers and thrives on the tensions between these worlds.

Dates - free admission:

march 19,th 2018, 18:00 h in the Haus der Berliner Festspiele

school pupils of the Fichtelgebirge-Grundschule

school pupils of the Süd-Grundschule

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march, 22nd 2018, 18:00 h in the Kammermusiksaals der Philharmonie - Foyer

school pupils of the Grundschule unter dem Regenbogen

school pupils of theOtto-Hahn-Schule

school pupils of the Hector-Peterson-Oberschule

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QuerKlang is nominated for the 12th JUNGE OHREN PREIS! We are really excited about this and cross fingers to the presentation at 23rd of november 2017. More infos:


QuerKlang was guest at the KREATIV-CAMP "Diversity in school" on 12 and 13 June in Essen as part of "Creative Potentials in Dialogue" (MUTIK). Further information:


QuerKlang 2017! Five collective compositions of pupils was presented in context of Maerz-Musik – Festival für Zeitfragen 2017:

Trailer - Konzerte QuerKlang März 2017 from QuerKlang on Vimeo.




Trailer - Konzerte QuerKlang März 2016 from QuerKlang on Vimeo.

QuerKlang 2016! Six collective compositions of pupils was presented in context of Maerz-Musik – Festival für Zeitfragen 2016.

programm QuerKlang 2016


QuerKlang got a special mention -  Lobende Erwähnung - in the new Kinder zum Olymp!-award 2016!


QuerKlang is finalist of the MIXED UP award 2015 and 2016!


QuerKlang is finalist at the YEAH! Young EARopean Award for music education 2015!

As one within five projects, QuerKlang is nominated in the category "process" for an exemplary discourse with music in schools.


>> QuerKlang is a model project of the UNESCO-commission for cultural diversity: QuerKlang - Rolemodelproject of UNESCO
>> Querklang at the Senate Department for Education, Science and Research Berlin: Publication No 8 on Music at QuerKlang