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Cordial invitation!

QuerKlang premieres collective compositions by students of Berlin as part of MaerzMusik - Festival für Zeitfragen 2022.

Wednesday, 23.3.2022 - 18:00 - Chamber Music Hall of the Philharmonie Berlin, Foyer - admission free

Friday, 25.3.2022 - 18:00 - Gropius Bau, Cinema - admission free

As part of QuerKlang, students explore sounds, relate them to each other, and make their discoveries audible to others. They are accompanied by teams consisting of educators, composers, and students. The world of the school, the world of university education, and the world of musicians and composers are brought into an exciting and inspiring context.

These concerts are premieres of group compositions.

The students come from the Carl-von-Ossietzky-Oberschule, the Schulfarm Insel Scharfenberg, the Parzifal-Schule Berlin and the Musikgymnasium C.Ph.E. Bach. They work together with the composers Andrei Cucu, Sabine Vogel, Tomoya Yokokawa and Anais-Nour Benlachhab.


QuerKlang at the WISSENSTADT BERLIN 2021


What does our city of Berlin sound like today and what should its future sound be like tomorrow?

Together with others, you will be on the trail of the sound of the future in sound walks, discussion and composition processes!

As a participant in the sound walk, you will need a smartphone to record and send sounds!




World premieres of collective compositions by students as part of MaerzMusik 2021, QuerKlang presented six world premieres of collective student compositions created in homeschooling.

Carl-Kraemer Elementary School (Wedding), Goethe Gymnasium (Wilmersdorf), Musikgymnasium C.P.E.Bach (Mitte), Schule am Schloss (Charlottenburg), Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium (Lichtenberg), Robert-Blum Gymnasium (Schöneberg)

Accompanied by their music teachers as well as Robin Hayward, Mijin Oh, Irene Galindo Quero, Anna Clementi, Sascha Dragicevic, Mathias Hinke, Henning Wehmeyer, Kerstin Wiehe and students of the Berlin University of the Arts.

Concert film:

The program booklet with the students' texts about their pieces can be found here:

QuerKlang - Uraufführungen 2021 - Programmheft



As part of MaerzMusik 2020, QuerKlang will premiere five collective compositions by pupils* of Berlin: Fichtelgebirge-Grundschule, Kreuzberg, Fichtenberg-Oberschule, Steglitz, Gretel-Bergmann-Gemeinschaftsschule, Marzahn and Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium, Lichtenberg.

For Listening (Pre-Concerts):

Further information under:

Concert information for download: QuerKlang - Uraufführungen 2020


As part of MaerzMusik 2019, QuerKlang premiered five collective compositions by pupils* of Berlin: Heinrich-Böll-Oberschule, Rosa-Parks-Grundschule, Parzival-Schule, Grundschule unter dem Regenbogen, and Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasiums as well as a ceremony to mark the 15th anniversary of QuerKlang. Further information under:


As part of MaerzMusik 2018 the QuerKlang project premieres five group compositions by Berlin school pupils:


QuerKlang is nominated for the 12th JUNGE OHREN PREIS! We are really excited about this and cross fingers to the presentation on the 23rd of November 2017. More Infos:


QuerKlang was guest at the KREATIV-CAMP "Diversity in school" on 12 and 13 June in Essen as part of "Creative Potentials in Dialogue" (MUTIK). Further information:


QuerKlang 2017! Five collective compositions of pupils were presented in the context of Maerz-Musik – Festival für Zeitfragen 2017:

Trailer - Konzerte QuerKlang März 2017 from QuerKlang on Vimeo.




Trailer - Konzerte QuerKlang März 2016 from QuerKlang on Vimeo.

QuerKlang 2016! Six collective compositions of pupils were presented in the context of Maerz-Musik – Festival für Zeitfragen 2016.

program QuerKlang 2016


QuerKlang got a special mention -  Lobende Erwähnung - in the new Kinder zum Olymp!-award 2016!


QuerKlang is finalist of the MIXED UP award 2015 and 2016!


QuerKlang is a finalist at the YEAH! Young EARopean Award for music education 2015!

As one within five projects, QuerKlang is nominated in the category "process" for an exemplary discourse with music in schools.


>> QuerKlang is a model project of the UNESCO-commission for cultural diversity: QuerKlang - Rolemodelproject of UNESCO
>> Querklang at the Senate Department for Education, Science and Research Berlin: Publication No 8 on Music at QuerKlang