QuerKlang - Nachhall

Many of the project participants want to keep in touch and to develop the concept further even after the end of the project. QuerKlang-Nachhall serves as a platform for this ambition. The aim is to maintain the exchange between the QuerKlang participants. A sort of lab for the mediation of experimental music originates. Beside the work in the schools, reflection will also play a role again and now new ideas and impulses of the teams will be in the foreground.

On the other hand, the structures which anchor the approaches of QuerKlang-Nachhall should be established in the schools involved. For this purpose, concerts, the dates of which can be freely chosen, take place within the framework of QuerKlang-Nachhall. They should take place at places partnered with the schools.

A forum allows the exchange of experiences between the active and former participants.

In addition, several advanced training sessions / workshops also take place at the Universität der Künste Berlin, which former and active QuerKlang and QuerKlang-Nachhall participants may use to deepen and to extend their musical, educational and practical knowledge in the context of QuerKlang.

You will find the current workshops here (download of the flyer in PDF format):

Seminarreihe Experimentelles Komponieren in der Schule - 2013 (Workshops with the topic of experimental composing at school - in 2013)

The participation in the workshops is free of charge for active and former QuerKlang  participants - for all others a seminar fee is demanded.

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