Anniversary publication on 15 years QuerKlang published!

Our jubilee publication combines a multitude of different perspectives on 15 years of QuerKlang - Experimentelles Komponieren in der Schule in the form of multifaceted contributions. The authors, such as pupils, students, composers or scientists, share and document their individual experiences and relationships with QuerKlang! A piece of writing that gives impulses in terms of content, appearance, touch, and acoustics!

QuerBlicke I SchriftStücke. 15 Jahre QuerKlang / Hrsg.: Henning Wehmeyer; Kerstin Wiehe. – Berlin: Verlag der Univ. der Künste Berlin, 2019, Kapitel: I-III, 01-47; IV-VI, o. Pag.; mit Ill., ISBN 978-3-89462-315-9, Best.-Nr. 0688, 25,00 €