With QuerKlang-Transfer a compact format has been developed that allows a mini-version of QuerKlang to be transferred to other countries and towns. For this purpose we offer two modules: firstly, a compact introduction seminar to the musical, educational and practical approaches of QuerKlang for teachers, students and composers and secondly, a one to two-week workshop with students at a school in which they compile their own composition to be presented to the public.

If you are interested in a QuerKlang-Transfer project please contact:

k&k kultkom
Kulturmanagement & Kommunikation,
Kerstin Wiehe Phone: 030-78 70 33 50 or mail@querklang.eu


Recent transfer project - October 2012:

QuerKlang-Transfer zu Gast bei "New Ears: internationnal conference on new music education

QuerKlang-Transfer im Rahmen des Transit-Festivals

QuerKlang-Transfer in Belgien - Schülerstimmen (Process accompanied by Iris ter Schiphorst and Franziska May)

QuerKlang bei Wikipedia!