QuerKlang is...

"... quite simple. You can make music with everything, yes everything really. You just need ideas. Ideas and imagination. With imagination you can create stories you’ve never even dreamed of. You create worlds that tell their own stories. Stories which come to life through music and sound. You can’t create something like that just like that. You need to know how. And those skills were given to us by QuerKlang." Isabell

"...  a piece of music with sounds from my home. I was playing the egg slicer." David

"...  a piece, which emerges from different sounds. For example: the ping of a bicycle bell, playing only the mouthpieces of different wind instruments, gurgling and the sounds pets make." Ludwig

"... a project which is about fun and love for music."

"... something extraordinary in my life.“ Andreas

"... for me it’s like a slow Bach song. It has given quite a lot of pleasure to me and I hope we can do something like that again. It is still hard for me to imagine that we created this ourselves." Tibor

"... something else than just singing a song or something like that. I especially liked the notation part, that everyone could sketch a piece instead of just taking a piece that doesn´t have any connection to us. Like that it was more our piece. I especially liked that I was the conductor and therefore was able to see the piece from a different angle. But the best part was that all those different sounds formed such a wonderful piece." Martha

"... a new life experience, because I learned that one can compose something similar to a small concert with quite simple instruments. I also learned that working in a team makes the result much better than working on your own, because everyone can contribute their ideas. The sounds that where created by the other groups were also very interesting. I liked a lot that we started very slowly." Michelle

"... for me a colourful spectacle of songs and instruments. I liked a lot that Leah Muir has found time for us and has made a real (yet not completely perfect) orchestra out of us. Through the whole project we all became much closer. Moreover, I loved that some of us were on the radio. And in the end the performance in the philharmonic concert hall: That was wonderful. I find it great that we came in touch with this music ."

"... actually very nice. But I didn´t like the part where we had to sing the c, f, g, so much. The different instruments were great and loud, too. I had especially fun with Leah." Thanh Le

"At the beginning I did not know that even a balloon is a music instrument.“  Linda

"I also think that work together has strengthened our companionship in the classroom." Johan

"For that period of time QuerKlang was our normal Music lesson. So everytime someone asked what is the next lesson I would not say music but QuerKlang." Silas